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McIron mobile micro-living –
efficient, cosy & indestructible

McIron is manufactured from a refurbed 40 Foot (2,5 x 12 m / 8.2 x 39.4 ft) High Cube shipping container, while its intelligent design ensures a full-featured mobile home and living experience.

On minimal space McIron guarantees efficient and comfortable micro-living for up to two people, and – due to its flexibility and longevity – is suited perfectly to make intelligent and ecologically sustainable use of unused spaces.

Affordable space saver –
kitchen, bath and bedroom included

On intelligently designed 23,5 m² of net floor space you’ll find everything you need for modern living: A kitchen, bathroom and toilet and a living- and sleeping-area. How it works? A well thought out design with attention to detail, hidden storage space and tailor-made multifunctional furniture make the wondrous Living-Container possible.

According to taste and budget McIron is available for purchase in three equipment variants:
NAKED (basic construction), COMFORT (unfurnished) oder PREMIUM (fully furnished).

Layout McIron NAKED (unfurnished)
Layout McIron COMFORT (fully furnished)

The Living-Container:
all advantages at a glance

Comfortable microliving

Smart. Compact. Everything you need for a home. Simple and functional solutions make maximum use of minimal space – in the bathroom, the kitchen or the sleeping-area.

Intelligent room design

Modern materials. Quality workmanship. Sophisticatedly constructed insulating and coating layers ensure cosy living in summer as well as in wintertime.

Weather-resistant roof and facade

McIron’s outer shell is built from a commercial shipping container. Strong, safe and indestructible. And via truck and freighter even suited for a trip overseas.

Super storage space saver

23,5 m² of living space provide room for kitchen, bathroom and a living- and sleeping-area. Specifically crafted furniture ensures a unique ambience on minimal mobile space – multifunctional and with plenty of hidden storage room.

Mobile and multifunctional

As a single container in an allotment garden, on rooftops in cities or in container clusters for residential housing, student homes or workers quarters. McIron provides safety and stability – as both a permanent or temporary housing solution.

Upcycling saves resources

Every McIron Living-Container possesses an eventful past. A general overhaul breathes new life into them: That’s up-cycling at its best. Ecological interior design and energy-saving construction complete our aspiration for sustainability.


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