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McIron: Technical specifications

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Outer metrics: 12,19 × 2,44 × 3,02 m
Clear room height: 2,40 m

Container area: ca. 30 m²
Effective area: 23,5 m²

Interior capacity: 56 m³

Interior design


  • Wardrobe and coat rack with hanging and storage possibilities
  • Separate shoe cabinet and broom closet


  • Kitchen elements with worktop, stove and sink
  • Kitchen block system with Refrigerator and generous storage room
  • Dining table for up to three people


  • Bed (90 x 200 cm) with sideward shelf
  • Accessible storage room under bed


  • Washbasin with generous storage options
  • High-quality fittings and large wall mirror
  • Barrier-free shower and toilet

Container layout

Layout McIron Livingcontainer – unfurnished
Layout McIron Livingcontainer – fully furbished

Design configuration

Container material

McIron is manufactured from highly weather-resistant industrial corten steel. Due to its excellent resistance to weather and the distinctive patina structure it is perfectly suited for modern facade design.

Facade design

In addition to corten steel and it’s distinctive basic color other coating options for the exterior facade are possible, e.g. wood or mesh designs.

Roof structure

The steel cover of the container itself constitutes the roof structure, secured by a wooden framework on the inside. Requirements on the load-bearing capacity may vary dependent on the site of installation.


Heating in McIron is ensured by two noiseless and energy-efficient infrared heating panels with separate temperature controllers.


Healthy indoor climate is ensured through an intelligently controlled ventilation system with fresh air slipstream-elements in consideration of temperature and humidity.

Hot water

McIron is equipped with an electric hot water heating system, hidden in a non-visible storage area.

Thermal shell

Optimal energy efficiency and acoustic attenuation. Built into a wooden beam framing the insulation ensures thermal storage and overheat protection.

The construction is designed inwardly and breathable. Triple-glazed wood/ aluminium windows ensure permanent ventilation and dehumidification.

Construction standard

Construction of McIron fulfills the highest construction standards. We produce according to the effective OIB-guidelines of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering. Out partners and manufacturers hold following certifications:

ISO 9001 (quality management)
ISO 14001 (environmental mgmt.)
DIN EN ISO 3834 (steel manufacturer)
EXC 4 EN 1090 (quality assurance of steel constructions)

Heat transition

Outer shell:
U = 0,28 W / m²K

Roof construction:
U = 0,19 W / m²K

Floor construction:
U = 0,18 W / m²K

Windows wood/aluminium:
Ug = 0,5 & Uf = 0,75 W / m²K


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